Tightrope Winery

Wines worth walking a tightrope for? Well, that depends if you like skillfully made, award winning Naramata Bench classics. The winery’s name refers to the balancing act that is required when making wine.

Naramata Bench Wine Touring Etiquette and Tips

Close up of wine shop sign with arrow pointing to the right

Wine tasting should be a fun experience. But unless you’ve spent much time in wine country, you may not realise that there are some unspoken rules about wine tasting etiquette. This post offers a crash course in wine tasting etiquette, alongside some Naramata Bench-specific tips and tricks.

Best Naramata Bench Restaurants: A Complete Guide

Front view of the Naramata Inn, a two floored cream coloured building with brown fenced balconies running on the outside. There is a large lawn in front, behind stone gates

Host to an incredible amount of agricultural bounty, Naramata Bench is a foodie haven. This has attracted some of the best talent in the industry, from celebrity chefs to award winning artisan producers.

28+ Things to Do on the Naramata Bench, British Columbia

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Looking for fun things to do on the Naramata Bench? We’ve got you covered! This article features more than two dozen ideas and suggestions, spanning the entire Naramata Bench area from Lower Bench Road all the way to Indian Rock and Chute Lake.

Marichel Vineyards

Marichel prioritizes in quality over quantity, specializing in small batches of just two classic Naramata Bench varietals – Viognier and Syrah. . The hands-on winemaker spends the majority of his time tending vines, ensuring the formation of fine wine.

Bella Winery

Bella Winery specialises in sparkling wine, the only winery in British Columbia to do so. This family owned winery produces more than 15 different sparkling wine variations, made with the traditional and ancestrale methods

Nichol Vineyard

Nichol's road sign

Nichol’s great reputation for winemaking is purely based on quality, and being one of the oldest wineries on the Naramata Bench means they have plenty of experience to draw from. If you want to try some true Naramata reds, this is the place. Small yet bright tasting room with fabulous views and patio.

Daydreamer Wines

Day dreamer wine tasting building

Daydreamer is a small family owned and operated winery, located almost at the very end of the Naramata Bench. The winery has a focus on sustainable winemaking, with the aim to conserve resources, minimise environmental impacts and keep vineyards healthy long-term.

Serendipity Winery

Serendipity winery entrance gate

Serendipity is something of a hidden gem. From the road, the winery looks unassuming. But true to this winery’s name, it’ll feel like a happy accident as you turn the corner to find one of the most beautiful properties on the Naramata Bench.